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Everything I create is the outcome of a drive inspired by matter. I love to discover and test the boundaries of material elements, I muse on life's events and about nature.
There is a trend to look out for a stark sign, something recurrent which marks my work with a clear branding. Without exception: even when my inspirations look conflicting or moving apart. In my experience, the sign takes the shape of a ribbon, a spiral which crosses my artefacts as if it were a bond, something which links what appears to live outside of it. I am aware that though I don't intentionally shape the ribbon's parallel lines, nonetheless they appear on the surface. As if they were some sort of crevices reminiscent of a dry riverbed. Sometimes this ribbon/spiral disappears as if it were a headdress and resurfaces again to lock everything together. It is like a thread which by its fantastic meandering produces patterns of extraordinary beauty, but also necessary to our existence. Activity and quick movements express the need to take in, as if in a broad vision, this fluid gesture's energy.

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