Ceramics courses


Modelling useless and useful objects, muted and whistling objects… earthenware that sings, that can be gently stroked, touched, made use of…

1. A beginners course for modelling and basic techniques. slab, colombino , multiple decoration techniques on slab, also possibility of learning how to create whistles.

2. An advanced level for those wishing to experiment further as follows:

1st and 2nd lessons: how to make a gypsum mould and a latex mould (4 hours);
3rd and 4th lessons: moulding earthenware with oxides, agathe technique, mosaic, etc;
5th and 6th lessons: moulding of clay in the mould prepared in the first lessons.

3. Manufacture and formulation of enamel and engobe directly from raw material.

Ceramics courses for schoolsCeramics courses with different levels






For the Spring/Summer we organize courses of:

  • Naked Raku
  • Soft Raku
  • Raku Mapuche
  • Smoking
  • Terra sigillata

Naked RakuRaku


Naked Raku. It’s an alternative to traditional raku. The model surface is craquelé. But without enamel, its outer resemblance is simple and refined. This is because during reduction the model breaks its outer vitreous shell displaying its craquelé.


Soft Raku. It’s a raku firing where reduction is performed at lower temperature. Advantages: it is possible to employ gres that usually does not stand high temperatures or thermal shocks and terre sigillate.


Raku Mapuche.This reduction technique originates from Latin America. It is done with the help of holes dug in the earth or in metal containers that as reduction use fresh leaves from specific plants.


Smoking: same technique of the Etrurian "bucchero". The firing uses sawdust and terre sigillate Allows the production of shining and metallized blacks.


La Terra Sigillata is a particolar engobe used by the ancient Etrurian and Greek peoples. It starts with a decanted earth, then is obtained a very fine engobe which is applied to the model either before or after firing. It is possible to obtain gleaming reds by oxidation or silvery blacks by reduction.

The courses are held in the Craft Studio in the green nature of Silva. Braziers for to smoke, kilns for firing are available in a beautiful forest. Air, earth, fire, water: natural living.

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